Designed and handmade in sydney, australia

An Australian brand, borne out of the love of fashion and beautiful things, but with the desire to play fair. 

Combining beautiful fabrics, with a focus on fit and quality of make, scout.thelabel is about soul-driven style, inside out.

Classy, timeless, with an element of grounded ease and beauty, it's enduring, ethical, conscious, with a touch of quirk.

Designed and hand-made in Sydney, Australia.

Our range is an evolution of styles rather than a seasonal rotation.

sharing the love


As scout.thelabel grows, one of our key aims is to grow in terms of what we can give back too.

Our long-term goal is to form alliances with key projects and charities that help others transform lives in positive ways and protect our precious environment. 

To start things off, we have the 'intern charity', in honour of our very own former 'studio intern': Curtis the cat. 

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