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Donna Hays Magazine - Christmas Stockings

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One afternoon in early November, I received a call from a number I didn't recognise. I had just returned from the vet having had new that I would be saying goodbye to my bestest studio intern, Curtis. I was obviously lost in my devastation and very busy hugging a very old, unwell and fast fading fluff-ball . I 'busied' the call and carried on with my devastation. The same number called again, asking for me by name, but with an unknown voice. I answered. "who is this?" uncharacteristic abruptness in my voice. "Donna Hay" was the calm response...

The last thing I was expecting at that moment was that. I apologised and explained the reason for my tone. She was kind, soothing and somehow we were laughing within minutes. A welcome distraction.

The reason for her call: She had purchased some masks made from our off-cut fabrics, and was interested in knowing what we were doing with the off-cut fabrics for Christmas.... and were we thinking to do any Christmas stockings??

Well, I can't say it was at the top of my priority list.. but if Donna Hay wanted Christmas stockings for her Seasonal magazine re-launch, then I could certainly ensure they suddenly were.

So that's how I found myself keeping busy the Monday after the saddest Sunday.

Sorting through bags of my off-cut fabrics, picking the right ones, fusing, creating a pattern and short-listing the fabric options for the patchwork details. I took the patchwork round to Sydney based artist and Boro stitching enthusiast Caolan Cullinane. He used a boro stitching technique to create unique patchwork pieces for each stocking.  


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