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The True Cost

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Clothing is the most labour dependent industry in the World, employing millions of the World's poorest people, many of whom are women. These women are paid below an acceptable living wage, work in unsafe conditions and are deprived of basic human rights.

In addition to the human impact, fashion is now the 2nd highest polluting industry on the planet.... 2nd only to oil.

The True Cost outlines this broken system that is exploiting the World's most vulnerable people and destroying out planet.

We can't all be perfect and change everything in one go - but every step towards it is a step towards a better future.

It's time for us all to come together and change the acceptable norm - things need to change... and before it's too late and before more people suffer in the process.

A global shift away from fast fashion, an increased awareness... the face of fashion can change... we can all be nice humans... and still love fashion. 

I implore everyone to watch The True Cost Documentary.... and spread the word


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