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Linen Love

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scout.thelabel has a bit of a linen crush going on, and we're not sorry to admit it.

So why the linen love?

Linen is insanely comfortable to wear, especially in the summer months, with an airy feeling, as it easily absorbs perspiration, whilst leaving a cool, dry feeling against your skin. 

Not only does linen feel great, particularly in warmer climates, it also makes up beautifully into pieces, plus it is very durable, so your favourite linen pieces are likely to be with you for as long as you still love them! Linen clothing is also the best for travelling - so lightweight that they take up no space in your luggage, they can be hand-washed and they dry super quickly.

So what's not to love about linen.

Our best-selling Romy Culotte, Gab Pants and Belle Tees are all made from beautiful high grade linen. 


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