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Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo, Japan

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 Bunka Fashion College was founded in 1923 as the first dressmaking school in Japan. Since then, Bunka has had a significant role in fashion education in Japan. Its original, specialized and practical curriculum adapts to the changes in a diversified industry, and it continues to cultivate fashion professionals who can easily adapt to the modern fashion industry. 

It has produced many great designers such as Hiroko Koshino, Yohji Yamamoto and Chisato Tsumori. Bunka Fashion College is one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world.

There are so many amazing things about this college and the principals that it teaches, which go towards setting it apart as the truly exceptional educational experience that it is. 

To describe Bunka Fashion College as merely another place of learning would be to do it a disservice. In one classroom, which could almost pass as a medical ward, photos of disabled children are pinned to the walls and diagrams outlining the human anatomy are placed next to a neat line of mannequins. And these are not regular mannequins. At the start of every academic year, each student is measured. The mannequins are then made for the year from the average measurements of all the student intake, thus representing the mean average body shape of that year. This is something that really resonates with scout.thelabel.

They are not conforming to stereotypes of body shapes, but taking steps to creating clothes that can look good on the majority. taking into accounts the population of body shapes and types.

Bunka has five key values it hopes to instil in its students, including craft, sustainability, contribution to society, and self-expression.

But first and foremost is collaboration.

As “The most important thing to know is not about clothes, but how to work with others. You cannot work alone in the fashion industry, or even the world,” says Professor Sanae Kosugi, who is the dean of Bunka Fashion Graduate University and president of Bunka Fashion College. "As part of their education, we want [them] to think about making clothes. Not only for people we consider ‘good looking,’ but also the elderly, children and those with disabilities. How can we make their lives better?

 The core values, with meticulous craft and education in their craft, make the 'Bunka Method' is exceptional and no surprise the World-class talent that comes out of there.

 To read more on The Bunka Method, from The Business of Fashion:

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