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Playing in the tall grass - with photographer, Sandra Horodniceanu

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Collaborating with French fashion photographer Sandra Horodniceanu, Sydney model Lillie Bennetts and make-up artist Bianca Anderson, turned out to be a fun day where things just fell into place just as they were meant to. The best sort of collaboration. A bright, warm sunny winters day, that felt more like spring, Centennial Parklands was stunning. We set up amongst the tall grass, and seemingly out of nowhere  the perfect dog showed up, keen to get in on the shots.

Model Lillie Bennetts is one of Chadwick Models bright young talents, who is as fun as she is stunning. Bianca Anderson has been a Mac make-up artist for several years, and is increasingly expanding into her freelance work, where she has a flare for mixing flawless looks with colour and metallic pops of colour.

The collaboration came about when French photographer, Sandra got in touch with me. Having not long moved to Australia, she was  keen to collaborate on a shoot with scout.thelabel. We chatted, agreed to do a shoot, then life got busy, and it was a couple of months later that we decided last minute to do the test shoot, just the night before the shoot.

She has a clear aesthetic, a great creative eye and works quickly and effectively; and we worked well together, and no doubt we will again. 

Sandra grew up in Guadalupe, before moving to Paris.

I asked her how her passion for photography came about:

“I’ve always taken photos back in Paris. My father offered me my first 50mm lens for my 20s and it was a revelation! I never stop taking pictures, mostly of my friends. Then I started to contact models but nothing showed up really. Paris is hard for this industry.

When I arrived in Australia, I decided to follow my dream. When you’re so far from home, nothing is impossible. I wake up every morning with a new idea of shoot and do my best to build my team.
It’s difficult, specially with Instagram when you constantly compares yourself to the others. Hard work is the key. Never give up man!”

... and she should never give up, and won’t need to, because she’s damn good ✨✨✨✨😘

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