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Plastic Free July

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As a brand born by the ocean, seeing the damage we are doing to marine life sits very uncomfortably. Hundreds of thousands of whales, dolphins and seals get killed every year from getting caught in fishing trawlers and most of these nets can take 600 years to biodegrade. Then there are the ones dying from eating the billions of plastic bags that are ending up in the sea, we use far more than we would ever need.
At scout we are currently working on our first ever swimwear product - a backless halter-neck swimsuit made from the fabric ECONYL recycled fishing nets and the world's most sustainable production of nylon. Here's a little preview - 
If it's a bit chilly for you to be thinking about swimwear just yet and you'd rather be snuggling up inside, scout cushions are just the thing. New in store now, the addictively cuddly stuffing is actually made from recycled PET plastic bottles. 

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