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Collaboration: Eliff the Artist & Severine Keimig

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Collaborations with talented creatives are fantastic, but non better than the  ones where everything just clicks and works, with only fun to be had.

This week saw one of the best impromptu, fun, . A last minute email from gorgeous photographer, Ana aka Eliff The Artist, lead to a hastily organised photoshoot with her and the stunning model Severine Keimig from Louisa Models in Germany.

It's one of those rarities when, the first meeting felt like the 500th. Completely on the same wavelength, it just flowed and pulled together beautifully and before we knew it we were bundled in old vintage bug, amongst clothes and equipment and headed to Sydney's Milk Beach and shooting in the beautiful 'magic hour sun'.

A happy afternoon shoot with two incredible creatives and beautiful souls, Ana (Eliff The Artis) & Severine xx


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