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It's Fashion Revolution Week!

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It’s Fashion Revolution week!

And here at Scout.the label, we reckon that needs a massive mention.

It’s been five years since Fashion Revolution began. Five years since the devastating collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh, which sadly claimed 1138 lives and injured so many more.

This horrible result of ‘fast fashion’ is what prompted two amazing ladies into creating this global movement. To change what is too often seen as a degrading, unsafe and exploitative industry, into an industry with a strong ethical and sustainable consciousness, which demands transparency as to how and where our clothing is made.

And it’s had amazing successes so far! The core values of the fashion industry are changing! Brands are more open about their production methods, factories are safer, wages are increasing and there is now more awareness towards shopping mindfully.

Which is really important for us here at Scout.the label. Making ethical and sustainable fashion is one of the biggest motivating forces for us.

All of our clothes have been designed, cut and ethically handmade here in Sydney. 

We have formed wonderful relationships with all of our makers, and we use practices that have little impact on our precious environment.

And as Scout.the label is growing, we are forming alliances with charities and local projects, that help others transform lives in positive ways.

We couldn’t be more supportive of this incredible movement. We truly believe all of these small positive changes that are happening are all working together towards creating a much much more happier and fair world.

Fashion Revolution gets a BIG thumbs up from us!




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