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Humanising the workers - Rosy Hurst - TEDxDhaka

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Rosy Hurst, speaking in a fantastic TED talk in Dhaka, on a subject that seems so obvious to so many, yet seems to be put into practise by so few: celebrating the human beings in the fashion industry in Bangladesh.  

Simple, easy subtle changes in positivity reap huge positive change in terms of empowerment and sense of belonging. If the power of this is recognised, then huge positive change can occur to the lives of others, and in this case, fashion workers, which in turn will reap huge positive change in productivity and satisfaction in the work and, most importantly, in their personal lives.

When we treat fellow human beings with the respect they deserve, life transforms positively for everyone.

 Beautifully expressed and discussed, Rosy, and hugely interesting -it's just a shame that this even needs to be addressed. We are all one and the same - human beings.





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