Scouting for Change... early morning chats over hotcakes and coffee...., with Nicole Fang aka The Potential Corporate

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Nicole Fang, aka The Potential Corporate, and I had been messaging for a while with the idea that after my trip to the UK in September, we would meet and have a chat over brekkie.

I found her sense of aesthetic style and adept photography skills interesting, and spliced beautifully with a delightful inquisitive and intellectually sage interest the World around her.

I took my insanely jet-lagged self over to meet her for (yummy!) berry ricotta hotcakes and coffee to Harry's in Bondi, where we chatted about life, ethical fashion, craftsmanship and much much more.... watch out World - Nicole Fang is going to be big. A sharp intellect, visual eye, calm and keenly interested in everything, and just enough twinkle in the eye. A beautiful person (inside and out), destined for big things. 

read more here Scouting for Change.



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