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When it's Friday, and you get exciting news......

..with super babe Shannon Eulalie xx  (...wearing pepi short in white herringbone weave, and dot silk bralette.) We have some very exciting news coming up..... we're kinda jumping for joy here at scout.thelabel HQ right now.. but we can't quite tell you what it's all about yet! Watch this space and all will be revealed.. and until then, you'll find us jumping around just like our gorgeous Shannon Eulalie!!  xxx  

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Behind The Scenes: Friday Fun Shooting with Ohla

Just a little behind the scenes clip from a recent shoot, showing the pure versatility of scout.thelabel clothing. Here we have the delightful Ohla showing us how her Romy Linen Mix Culotte and Belle Tee in pure linen can double up as active wear for light ballet-based exercise, should the mood take you.   

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Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo, Japan

 Bunka Fashion College was founded in 1923 as the first dressmaking school in Japan. Since then, Bunka has had a significant role in fashion education in Japan. Its original, specialized and practical curriculum adapts to the changes in a diversified industry, and it continues to cultivate fashion professionals who can easily adapt to the modern fashion industry.  It has produced many great designers such as Hiroko Koshino, Yohji Yamamoto and Chisato Tsumori. Bunka Fashion College is one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world. There are so many amazing things about this college and the principals that it teaches, which go towards setting it apart as the truly exceptional educational experience that it is.  To describe Bunka Fashion...

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Ying Gao - Amazingly Talented Canadian Fashion Designer

  Getting lost down an internet rabbit-hole due to an unwavering fascination with textiles manipulation and innovation and all things beautiful in fashion, led to finding out about the amazingly talented Canadian Fashion Designer, Ying Gao. Born in Beijing, China, in 1973, Ying studied at the Haute Ecole d'Arts Appliqué  in Geneva, and the Universite du Quebec, in Montreal, where she gained her Masters in Multimedia. Sing Gao is intensely interested in non-material environmental factors such as light, air and sound, and in doing so, explores the area between fashion design and installation art, with magical results.

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The Future of Swimwear and Activewear Fabrics: Recycled Fishing Nets: Econyl

It is no secret that the World is not coping with the amount of plastic-based waste that is being dumped in the oceans. We all know the it is just not a sustainable situation and that action needs to be taken. One such project is nothing short of brilliant. Imagine how perfect it would be to have swimwear and activewear made from fabric which contains recycled fishing nets from the ocean? Well, it exists. Enter Econyl Regeneration System. This is the future of swimwear and activewear fabrics.  So brilliant is it that it feels nothing short of not-quite-right to wear swimwear not from this fabric once it has been tried. Econyl is not just for fashion related textiles however, there...

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